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Bama Bug Fest: On the Web

Bama Bug Fest On the Web ImageBama Bug Fest: On the Web is a virtual, all-things-bug event has a little something for all ages and will take place every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday from July 7 to July 25. Though we are social distancing this year, we’re not missing out on any of the bug fun! Take part in interactive video elements; watch interviews with experts; learn how to draw insect characters; join in bug-themed storytelling, and much, much more.

This year’s Bama Bug Fest will be livestreaming on Facebook and YouTube, four times a day (10 AM, 2 PM, 4 PM, and 7 PM), with segments for different age groups and interests, ending each day with a wrap-up and Q&A for the public. Additional pre-recorded videos will be posted and shared by the University of Alabama Museums and Tuscaloosa Public Library on their social media platforms.

Content will include actor Justice Leak (Hellgrammite from The CW’s Supergirl, a Build a Bug Workshop, School Yard Roots, family-friendly bug-related stand-up comedy, DC Comics artist Sarah Leuver, Spider-Man (Andrew McLean) and Black Widow cosplayers (Andrea Towers), insect dyeing with The Fashion Archive, baking Chocolate Chirp Cookies with Arthropod Apothecary, and world-renowned Science Educator Dr. Sebastian A. Echeverri.





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Week 1

Tuesday, July 7


10:00 AM Bama Bug Fest: On the Web – An Introduction

Join us for an introduction to this year’s Bama Bug Fest: On the Web. Learn about all of the programs, events, and contests you can take part in throughout the month of July.

2:00 PM Story Time and Build a Bug Workshop

Gather ‘round for a storytime with the Tuscaloosa Public Library as they read Some Bugs by Angela Diterlizzi. After your story step into the Build a Bug Workshop to build your own insect.

Click Here to Download the Build a Bug Workshop

Samples (click on images to view higher resolution):

4:00 PM What is a Bug?

Ever wondered what makes a bug a bug? Join in the conversation with Dr. John Friel as he discusses all things bugs in this livestream program.

7:00 PM Daily Wrap Up & Q&A

Have questions about anything we covered today? This livestream evening roundtable can give you the chance to ask the experts.


Thursday, July 9


10:00 AM Learn to Draw Spider-man with DC Comics’ Artist Sarah Leuver

Grab a pencil and paper and learn to draw your favorite friendly neighborhood webslinger with DC Comics’ artist Sarah Leuver. This art lesson is suitable for all experience levels.

2:00 PM A Comic Book Expert, a Scientist, and Spider-man Walked into a Livestream

Ever wondered how Spider-Man’s abilities stack up to real world spiders? Join co-owners of “The Comic Strip” in Tuscaloosa, arachnologist Dr. Sebastian Alejandro Echeverri, and Spider-man for a conversation about the intersection between spiders and comics.

4:00 PM Eight Legged Facts about Spiders with John Friel

There is a fascinating world of spiders that is just jumping to be known! Join in this livestream with Dr. John Friel to learn some weird, wacky, and fascinating facts about spiders.

Spiderly Speaking with Dr. Ruth

Join our Dr. Ruth as she covers just about everything you want to know about spider sex and aren’t afraid to ask!

7:00 PM Daily Wrap Up & Q&A

Have questions about anything we covered today? This livestream evening roundtable can give you the chance to ask the experts.


Saturday, July 11

BUG MEETS WORLD:  A Walk in the Woods

10:00 AM Take a Hike: Terrarium Building Lesson and Virtual Hike

Build a habitat for insects with Discovering Alabama’s Pam Sloan and take a hike with us to discover insects to add to your terrarium.

2:00 PM There’s a Bug Under a Log on the Trail in the Woods

Have you ever flipped a log on a hike to see all of the creepy crawlies underneath? Take a hike with us and learn about decomposers with entomologist, Dr. Meaghan Pimsler.

4:00 PM You Light up my Life: Flashy Fireflies

Learn about those little “lightning bugs” that are an all too familiar part of our summer landscape with this video from expert entomologists, Dr. John and Kendra Abbott.

7:00 PM Daily Wrap Up & Q&A

Have questions about anything we covered today? This livestream evening roundtable can give you the chance to ask the experts.


How to Watch:

You’ll be able to watch the livestreams as well as pre-recorded video content from any of these locations:


Enter the Art Contest!

Bama Bug Fest is reaching out to everyone young and old to participate in an art contest! We will be accepting pictures of your original artwork featuring your favorite bugs/insects that you’ve seen out in the wild!

For contest rules, submission form, and prize information, visit: https://bit.ly/2O4UqvS

Social Media Sticker Giveaway:

We’re giving away free stickers during Bama Bug Fest: On the Web! To get one, post bug-themed artwork, memes, jokes, or photos to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or TikTok with the hashtag: #BamaBugFest

Top Picks will be chosen and stickers will be given out while supplies last.

Resource Guide:

If you’d like additional resources to Bama Bug Fest: On the Web video content, visit this website.

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