School Field Science Trips

a group of students in canoes

The Museum’s Field Science Program offers a range of innovative learning experiences designed around the fundamentals of true science: exploration, adventure, and discovery.

Through authentic on-site exploration of Alabama’s diverse natural history, participants share the adventure with program staff in

  • providing educational resources and opportunities that connect students and teachers with the outdoors
  • conducting field science activities that inspire scientific curiosity, instill environmental awareness and enhance classroom learning
  • supporting public outreach through the promotion of environmental and ecological science, environmental opportunities and the study of Alabama’s natural heritage
  • creating a constituency who are environmentally informed, responsible and empowered to help protect Alabama’s natural history

The Museum’s Field Science Program is a natural pathway to educational improvement and environmental stewardship through the active discovery of Alabama’s rich natural history.

​Discover the excitement of experiencing a real connection between the classroom instruction and the amazing world of nature. The Museum School Field Trips provide an outdoor experience for teachers and students in Alabama. Participants will get wet and dirty as they work together to learn about biology, ecology, environmental science, geology, geography, and natural history. Combining in-class curriculum with hands-on, educational activities, the program provides an experience that is fun and meaningful for students in the 5th grade and up.