Alabama Museum of Natural History

Grand Gallery Rental Guidelines

The Grand Gallery (2nd floor) of the Alabama Museum of Natural History may be rented for private receptions and dinners. The conduct of these events should comply with the policies of The University of Alabama and The University of Alabama Museums. The event will be scheduled at the discretion of Museum personnel, to retain integrity of the museum.

Available Times

Setup may not begin until 4:00 pm and the entire event must not last beyond midnight (12:00 am). Public access to the Museum cannot be restricted and must be maintained during normal hours of operations, Monday through Saturday 10:00 a.m.-4:30 p.m. The Alabama Museum of Natural History is closed on Sunday and all University of Alabama holidays. For availability contact Valerie Duncan, 205-348-2542, or email vduncan@ua.edu.

Your date and time will not be reserved until a signed copy of the rental guidelines and agreement, and the deposit, are received by UA Museums.

Rental Fees and Payment

The rental fee is $1,500.00 for six (6) hours. The six (6) hour time schedule begins at the start of set-up. Deliveries, set up, clean up, and the entire event must be completed within the contracted six (6) hours.

A fee of $100.00 per hour will be charged after the contracted six hours.

A $100.00 non-refundable deposit must be returned with the signed guidelines and agreement to insure the reservation. The $100.00 deposit applies toward the rental fee. • A separate $500.00 failure to comply deposit must accompany the signed guidelines and agreement in the form of a check or credit card number. This will be refunded after the event if the guidelines are followed.

Items available for use include:

  • 15 – 60 inch round tables
  • 4 – 48 inch round tables
  • 8 – 30 inch round bar tables
  • 6 – 8 ft. rectangular serving tables
  • 120 white folding, plastic chairs

The total amount for rental of the Grand Gallery and rental fee of any additional items must be paid five (5) business days prior to the event. The fee for additional hours and any other cost incurred will be invoiced the following business day after the event.


Cancellation by the Renter: Cancellations must be made in writing 14 days prior to the event, otherwise, the base fee will be charged. Cancellation by the Museum: The Museum reserves the right to cancel a reservation if it conflicts in any way with the policy of the Alabama Museum of Natural History or The University of Alabama. In this case, the deposits will be refunded.


The following have been set up to ensure that your event runs smoothly and the museum and its exhibits are maintained appropriately.

Physical Arrangements/Setup and Cleanup

Arrangements for set up and clean-up of any food and drink, chairs, tables, table covers, utensils, glassware, displays, decorations, entertainment, extension cords, audio-visual equipment, etc., are the sole responsibility of the renter.

It is the responsibility of the renter to provide adequate personnel to help set-up before the event and clean up after the event.

Deliveries and pick-ups must be made through the loading ramp in the back of the building.

All areas must be left how it was found. All garbage must be removed from the museum and taken to the dumpster on the south end (handicap entrance) of the building.

Garbage cans, large garbage bags and mop and water bucket will be supplied. Floors must be free of debris and/or spills. Failure to comply deposit will be forfeited if the museum is not left in the condition it was found.


Decorations for an event may not be stapled, tacked, taped, wired or otherwise attached to museum property.

Ribbon, string or pipe cleaners may be used to attach decorations. Live plants and flowers must be removed immediately after the event. Balloons or confetti may not be used anywhere inside the building. Tables and chairs, decorations, etc. must be taken down immediately after the event and stacked neatly in Rm. 203. Nothing from the event is to remain in the Grand Gallery. All clean up and removal of decorations, displays, etc. from the building, must take place immediately after the event and is the sole responsibility of the renter.


Occupancy Limits

Occupancy of the event must not exceed fire regulations. The Grand Gallery can accommodate 120 people for a seated dinner and 250 people for a standing reception.


Caterers must make an on-site inspection prior to the event. No cooking is allowed on site. Kitchen facilities are for preparation only. Because of their potential for staining, red wines and sauces, chocolate sauces, and fruit punches will be limited to certain areas.


Use, sale, service, or consumption of alcoholic beverages on site must be approved by the Museum prior to the event and must comply with all federal, state and local laws and regulations. The Museum does not assume any responsibility or liability for ensuring that you follow applicable laws and regulations regarding alcohol.


Depending on the type of event, the Museum may require the renter to have security, at the renter’s expense. The presence of UAPD officers or other security may be required for the security of the guests and protection of UA property. The Museum Event Coordinator must schedule this security through UAPD.

Electrical Equipment

Because of the age of the building and for the safety of the guests, we are very limited on the use of electrical equipment, such as extension cords, audio-visual equipment, amplifiers, etc. All electrical equipment must be preapproved.


No candles or open flames are allowed anywhere in the building. Chafing dishes with sternos are acceptable.

Museum Exhibits

Exhibits change periodically, the Museum cannot guarantee that the rented space as listed in the guidelines will have the same appearance as when originally viewed. Removal or rearrangement of museum exhibits, exhibit cases, fixtures, benches, etc., is not allowed. Nothing is to be placed/displayed on top of the glass exhibit cases.


The University of Alabama and the Alabama Museum of Natural History are not responsible for the protection or storage of items brought into the building before, during, or after an event.


The Alabama Museum of Natural History is a non-smoking facility.

Staff Representative

A museum staff representative will be on-site before, during, and after the event to answer questions, but is not available to assist with set up or clean up. The renter shall designate a representative to act as a liaison with the Museum staff for the planning and setup, and to remain in the museum during the event until the completion of clean up.

Damage or Injury/Indemnification

Renter agrees that ALMNH (Alabama Museum of Natural History) shall not be responsible for any loss or damage to renter’s property or injury to persons due to the negligent or intentional acts of renter, of renter’s employees or agents, or of persons attending renter’s function. Renter agrees, as its sole cost, to indemnify and hold harmless the Board of Trustees of The University of Alabama and its officers, employees, and agents from any and all claims by or on behalf of any persons or firm arising out of, in connection with, or attributable to renter’s use and possession of the ALMNH premises, including, but without limitation, any and all claims for injury or death to persons or damage to property. Renter also agrees to save harmless the University from all costs, expenses, attorney’s fees, and liabilities incurred in connection with any action or proceeding brought in connection with any such claim.

Renter agrees that it is fully responsible for any damage to ALMNH facilities or loss or damage to ALMNH property or equipment, and in the event of any such damage or loss renter agrees to pay to AMNH upon demand the amount of repairing such damage or replacing the lost or unrepairable equipment or property.