UA Faculty & Staff Services

The Alabama Museum of Natural History provides a variety of free services to UA faculty and research staff who are developing grant proposals. Our museum staff can:

  • Collaborate on developing, writing, and executing broader impacts of research, including budget
  • Provide a letter of support (requires a review of broader impacts and budget to ensure viability and success)
  • Develop exhibit(s) to promote your research and enhance science communication
  • Develop outreach programming to promote your research (K-12, undergraduate, community)
  • Develop outreach programming to collect citizen science data for your research
  • Develop an assessment of the broader impacts of your research (when required by funding agencies)
  • Assist in the delivery of your already written and funded broader impacts (depending on budget and staff availability)

We are happy to meet with faculty and research staff members to develop any proposals where they think the ALMNH can be helpful. If interested, please email Madeline Burkhardt, ALMNH’s Research Outreach Coordinator at mnburkhardt@ua.edu.