Alabama Museum of Natural History


Exploration Awaits

Explore Alabama’s rich natural history with the Alabama Museum of Natural History. See exhibits that tell a story dating back 500 million years to the first fossils found in the state. Discover the ancient life, archaeological past, and natural beauty of Alabama.

Current Exhibits

Explore all of our exhibits on each floor of the Museum.

Footprints in Stone (Atrium Gallery)

See examples of the fossil trackways made by ancient creature during the Coal Age in Alabama..

Tuscaloosa’s Backyard Critters  (North Hall)

Explore the variety of life that can be found in the yards of our neighbors all around Tuscaloosa county and the surrounding areas.

Skulls & Skeletons  (South Hall)

Explore the variety of support structures in the animal world and discover how creatures have developed a skeletal structure and skull which is a function of its environment.

Basilosaurus cetoides (Grand Gallery)
The state fossil of Alabama

Rocks and Minerals From Around The World  (Grand Gallery)

Our Earthly lives are literally built on rocks and minerals.  They compose the bedrock beneath our feet and form the foundation of modern life, providing the raw materials for the production of a host of goods, from aluminum cans to fireworks.  People through the ages have cherished, collected and adorned themselves with rocks and minerals and these natural treasures are no less revered by society today.   The rocks and minerals displayed in the new Geology Rocks! Exhibit have been collected from across the globe, including many our own state of Alabama.

Ancient Sea Monsters in Alabama (Grand Gallery)

A display of several pieces of an Elasmosaur, a prehistoric reptile that resembles the famous Loch Ness monster, found during the 2013 Annual Museum Expedition in Greene County, Alabama.


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