Bulletin of the Alabama Museum of Natural History

The Bulletin is published by the Alabama Museum of Natural History, a unit of The University of Alabama. The Bulletin is devoted primarily to scholarship and research concerning the natural history of Alabama and the Southeast, and is published on an irregular schedule with consecutively numbered issues.

The Bulletin succeeds its predecessor, the Museum Papers, which was terminated in 1961 upon the transfer of the Museum to the University from its parent organization, the Geological Survey of Alabama.

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Lost Worlds in Alabama Rocks

front cover of lost worlds in alabama rocks

Lost Worlds in Alabama Rocks: A Guide to the State’s Ancient Life and Landscapes. Jim Lacefield. 276 pp.  more than 700 color photos, Second Printing of Revised and Expanded Second Edition 2018.  $37.50.

Long before the world as we now know it came into being, other very different worlds existed at this same spot on Earth.  They were not imaginary worlds described in mythology or science fiction stories, but worlds every bit as real as our own.  These “lost worlds” of the Earth’s past are not really lost, however.  They have left an extensive record of their existence in the form of rocks and fossils.

Lost Worlds In Alabama Rocks tells the story of one small part of the Earth, the land we call Alabama, and the changes that have taken place in its landscape and life over the past half-billion years.  It offers the reader a guided tour through the state’s geological history and explains many of the scientific tools and techniques used to reconstruct this history.

This beginners guide, by Jim Lacefield, has been created especially for Alabama’s Earth Science teachers and students, outdoor enthusiasts, natural history buffs, and anyone interested in exploring the epic story of how this land and its life have developed through time.

Second Printing of Revised and Expanded Second Edition
8 ½ x 11/276 pp Hard Cover
Over 700 color images

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