New fossil shark records from Alabama

Paleozoic rock formations outcrop throughout northern Alabama and have been studied heavily due to their invertebrate diversity and abundance. Despite this heavy invertebrate literature base, vertebrates have been understudied. Recently, the Bangor Limestone of northern Alabama has had multiple new ~330 million-year-old shark species discovered within it. These investigations have led to further fieldwork and museum studies of previously collected shark teeth, including specimens discovered by University of Alabama Museums’ Research Associate of Paleontology Gabe Ward during his undergraduate degree […]

A 3-Part Radio Series About “The Hodges Effect” Premiering on the 69th Anniversary of the Hodges Meteorite

The Hurtling Spherical Menagerie Radio Show is a 3-part radio series with its first episode airing Thursday, November 30th at 5 pm Central on WBMT 90.1 FM (The Wombat! Radio Station). You can listen to the episode live on their website. This show observes the anniversary and legacy of Ann Hodges and the fallout from the November 30, 1954 meteorite strike incident in Sylacauga, Alabama whereby Ann Hodges was struck by a meteorite (on display at the Alabama Museum of Natural […]

National Fossil Day

Visit the Alabama Museum of Natural History on October 28, 2023 from 1:30 PM – 4:00 PM for a free National Fossil Day event! The museum will be celebrating the rich fossil record Alabama has to offer with this year’s theme featuring mosasaurs, ancient predators of up to ~50 ft long that lived in the ocean covering most of Alabama during the Cretaceous. “National Fossil Day at the Alabama Museum of Natural History is the largest event in Alabama where people with an interest in […]

UA Museums Invites Visitors to Haunting at the Museum

Visitors are invited to celebrate the Halloween season at the Gorgas House Museum and the Alabama Museum of Natural History! For those who enjoy ghost stories, from October 23-27 and October 30-31, the Gorgas House Museum will be providing free haunted tours, sharing the spooky stories associated with the home during regular operating hours (9:00 am-12:00 pm, 1:00 pm-4:30 pm). The lighting inside the museum, provided by 2L7’s Lyndell McDonald, will set the mood for this historic house’s eerie tales. While museum visitors […]