Fourth of July Holiday Closures

Happy Fourth of July from The University of Alabama Museums! Each of our museums has its own holiday schedule so we’d like to help make it easier to know when they are closed and when they will be reopening.

Bug Out (Southern Science)

When trying to study changes in insect populations, researchers are hindered by one big problem: We don’t know as much about bugs as we need to. “We know almost nothing,” said Kendra Abbott, entomologist and museums research and outreach coordinator at the University of Alabama.

Donation of the Keith Jacobi fossil collection

Alabama has an incredibly rich fossil record, with most geological periods since the start of the Phanerozoic about 540 million years ago represented on the surface. When rocks and sediments are exposed, fossils can often be found.

Six new fossil squat lobster taxa discovered

Squat lobsters of the Galatheoidea superfamily live in all oceans today, from shallow waters to depths of thousands of meters, and from hot hydrothermal vents to cold waters in the polar regions. The number of extant species is currently ~1,300 species, many of which are truly colorful.

Most diverse, oldest fauna of hermit crabs discovered

The evolutionary history of hermit crabs (Paguroidea) has been unraveling over the last 15 years. While claws were mainly reported before then, dozens of species based on millimeter-sized carapaces have been discovered and described since 2008.

Live Bug Opportunity on May 21st!

The Alabama Museum of Natural History will be at the Mildred Westervelt Warner Transportation Museum‘s An Evening at the Pool event on May 21st from 7:00 pm until 10:00 pm with some dragonflies and other live bugs  to talk about migration and aquatic biodiversity and inspire lantern making for Flow Tuscaloosa‘s Lantern Parade! 

Art in Nature Day Camp (July 1)

Art in Nature Camp is a single day camp focused on creating art from found objects in nature. Includes interactive lessons, nature walk, journaling, and much more! Join us for a creative and artistic day exploring art in nature!

Junior Naturalist (June 4 and August 6)

Nature is all around us and ready to explore! Junior Naturalists (Grades K-5) will learn about the outdoors, natural history, and science together with your family in this hands-on experience.

Fossil Summer Camp (June 6-10)

Fossil Camp is a brand new summer camp for students in grades 3-5 who are interested in learning all about fossils. Interactive lessons, fossils, guided hike, arts & crafts, much more! Fossil Camp offers an exciting introduction to ancient life by examining real fossils, searching for rocks and minerals, and much more!

Bug Summer Camp (June 21-25)

Calling all bug enthusiasts in Grades 5-8! Explore the importance of insects through the use of hands-on activities, science demonstrations, and field trips.