The Buzz About Bees

A new exhibit is flying to the Alabama Museum of Natural HistoryThe Buzz about Bees is a collaborative exhibit with the Alabama Museum of Natural History, the West Alabama Beekeepers Association, and the UA Bee Club. The exhibit focuses on the honey bee and features a live beehive that gives visitors an inside look at the honey bees’ honey production and social structure. Although just a small portion of the over 4,000 species of bee native to North America, the honey bee is a tiny insect with an immeasurable impact.

Location: The Alabama Museum of Natural History (Third Floor Mezzanine of the Grand Gallery)
COVID Guidelines: COVID-19 health and safety guidelines include wearing a mask and practicing social distancing while in the museum.
Dates: New Permanent Exhibit starting on April 22, 2021
Museum Hours of Operation: Monday–Saturday 10:00am–4:30pm

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