The Marble Bowl

In the fall, the return of football is highly anticipated. For most Alabama residents, late November showcases the game that they have waited for: the Iron Bowl.

Junior Naturalist: Pollinators

This program will teach young naturalists about pollinators, different species of pollinators, and their importance in the ecosystem and on agriculture. Nature is all around us and ready to explore! Junior Naturalists (Grades K-5) will learn about the outdoors, natural history, and science together with your family in this hands-on experience. This program is geared for Grade K-5.

Discovering Alabama Screening at the Alabama Museum of Natural History

Join Dr. Doug and members of the Discovering Alabama team at the Alabama Museum of Natural History for a special premiere of Discovering Alabama’s latest episode, “Alabama Quadricentennial”.  In this show, host Doug Phillips is joined by several leading environmental scientists who provide their expert perspective in addressing the question, “What will Alabama’s natural environment be like by the time of the state’s Quadricentennial?”  Consideration is given to global and national issues of population pressures, altered ecosystems, and other aspects […]